Call of Duty streamer gets Gulag win with recorder


You may well remember him from his Warzone escapades with a drum kit, but Twitch streamer DeanoBeano is back with a new instrument – the humble recorder. And after several attempts, he’s now managed to get a Gulag win with it.

DeanoBeano has been using the recorder to play Call of Duty for several weeks, steadily improving his skills and even managing to achieve some trick shots. In an early stream he explained that certain pitches on the recorder are picked up by his mic to activate in-game functions, allowing him to rotate, move forward, scope and shoot. “I did pitch to MIDI, and MIDI to keyboard commands,” DeanoBeano said of his setup.

Remembering which notes to play was initially difficult, DeanoBeano said, and it seems learning how to use the recorder required a fair amount of practice. As only one note can sound at a time, it’s also tricky to manoeuvre, and doubly so if the note is played slightly off-pitch. “Certain notes accidentally trigger other commands,” DeanoBeano explained in the stream. “Sometimes I’ll play a D and it will trigger the shoot command, which is actually supposed to be C, so I have to be really accurate with these pitches.”

Attaching the shoot command to C, the highest note he plays, makes for particularly entertaining viewing when he makes a shot on-target.

But the really impressive feat was achieved only a couple of days ago – a rare Gulag win using a recorder. In fact, I think it’s safe to say this is the only Gulag win achieved with a recorder.

Fair play to DeanoBeano for managing to transform this harmless recorder into an instrument of death.